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Court Reservations
No more calling to reserve a court! Just pull up the reservations page and select time court and time you wish to reserve. Court reservation functionality can be opted in/out by the club admin. A limit can be set on the number of future reservations allowed per member per sport.
Challenge Ladders
We offer a fully automated challenge ladder. Club members can see one another's contact information, but no-one else can. Users can submit matches and see all of the matches played recently. Soon there will also be a place for players to submit pictures and add comments for other members of the ladder to enjoy.
Leagues are now available! No more spreadsheets for you! No more keeping up with everyone's email and phone numbers. This league will practically run itself! Note that you can also use the league functionality to run a round-robin tournament!
MyRacquetClub,com will both save you money and make you money!

SAVE $$: It takes 5 minutes for an employee to take a call and reserve a court for each hour of the day. If you are open 6am - 9pm, and your employee makes $10/hour, this software will save you $12.50 per day, per court. That makes for an annual savings of $4,562.50 per court! If you have 8 courts, that is $36,500.00 / year in cost savings!

MAKE $$: Your players will love the convenience of making reservations without a call, participating in leagues and challenge ladders effortlessly, and staying in touch with their fellow players easily. If your facility membership doesn't grow and your staff and members don't find this software tremendously beneficial, we offer a 100% money back guarantee!

We offer two pricing models:

  • $99/Year, renewing annually with zero advertisements
  • FREE!, but with very minimal advertisements